ADVAAH is a Fashion-, Med- & Fintech startup working at the crossroads of where jewelry-, electronics- and mobile products & services meets in unique, unprecedented ways.

Fashiontech….. offering luxury and premium wearables for people with a modern lifestyle includes brands such as Aron Ash, Adorha & Aura Jewelry. Specifically, our merchandise offerings include jewelry, timepieces and leather watchbands all combined with high tech, innovative electronics.

Medtech….our watch product segment have unique diagnostic monitoring solutions for health, wellness as well as demanding fitness sports applications and, in combination with other functionalities, offer fundamental, vital applications for everyday use. In collaboration with among others Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet (KI) we have evaluated and delivered solutions for critical diagnostic applications.

Fintech….. we are established in the financial tech (fintech) sector offering mobile payments and authentication services and looking  at these things from a different perspective than traditional companies. As we are veteran developers, technologists, and business professionals who are globally minded, customer focused, and constantly driven to innovate in order to ease a consumers daily interactions. We believe every customer has the right to a seamless unobtrusive experience and the ability to purchase easily, quickly, and securely. And because merchants spend countless hours bringing their products to market, they deserve the technology, tools, and support to create an exceptional buying experience together with their customer. Thus our solutions are fully compliant to PCI regulatory standards minimizing risk for consumer as well as merchants at point of sales activities.

Throughout our short history we have managed to solidify our position as the only one in the jewelry industry through creating a brand that shows value, quality, superior design, and exclusivity. One of ADVAAH’s main goals is to ensure the long-term integrity of the company’s brands by creating a “unique” experience.  The strong position we have established in the market will not disappear, and we will continue to grow reiterating our founding vision.

ADVAAH’s offers a broad product range to several types of markets. Our primary focus is on Brand Image and Exclusivity as effective branding creates market resilience thus we devote a high amount of time and effort to  marketing and advertising strategies. We attend fairs and exhibitions, market at various shopping mall events in pop-up or regular stores.