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What accessory has people since ancient times always worn? What device can we people not be without a split second these days? Well, obviously our jewelry and Smartphones! Aura Pay takes advantage of both these simple facts!No need to bring along credit cards, store sensitive information in your Smartphone or need to be cautious to forget them or pickpocketers. Or, while paying at the cashier, having the trouble to bring out your credit card or Smartphone every time. No, not with Aura Pay, as it takes use of what a Smartphone and Jewelry was intended to be.

It is a new and exclusive mobile payments service, more secure and unobtrusive than what is currently available on the market. Using 2-step authentication, it is fast, elegant & highly secure! Using both your Smartphone and Jewelry it works the following:

1. Before reaching the checkout line your Smartphone’s low energy Bluetooth* communicates automatically, locally with the Cashier System, performing the first authentication step;

2. Once you reach the Cashier, using only your Jewelry on the contactless POS counter reader , you complete the second authentication step finalizing the transaction (communicating with NFC**).


That's it! Fast, elegant & highly secure!


Aura Pay is a unique, exclusive mobile payment platform combining the latest secure technologies of Bluetooth LE time restricted Beacons - similar to NETS payment - and HCE (Host Card Emulation) NFC** - like Apple Pay (by adding your credit card safely) - making it optimized for a fast, unobtrusive and secure customer experience. Hence, no need for traditional PIN codes or other less secure or time consuming alternatives.

Exploiting the combination of Bluetooth & NFC it offers the perfect balance to achieve fast mobile payments which, in practice, facilitates a 100% secure mobile payments solution. Breaking it down:

- no credit card information is stored either in the Smartphone or Jewelry. In comparison, competing Mobile Payments (and Mobile Wallets) solutions store critical info only in one location, your Smartphone, thereby constantly exposing it to (i). online hackers and/or (ii). physical pickpocketers.

- payments can only be performed when both the Smartphone (via Bluetooth) and the Jewelry (via one-touch NFC) has authenticated (for sake of convenience, an equivalent transaction of up to 30USD can be performed using only jewelry, though).

In summary, Aura Pay uses a unique offline, independent 2-step authentication method which, in practice,makes it the safest payments solution in the world available today! So scrap your old credit cards, keep the Smartphone in your pocket (no one really wants to take it out to make payments) and start making payments with class!

Aura Pay is an exclusive mobile payments service, more secure and unobtrusive than what is currently available on the market. It is a mPOS (mobile Point Of Sales) app (for Android devices) used for contactless (NFC) payments for Merchants. It can be used for everyday purchases from consumers who use AdvaaH's Jewelry brands as Pay-As-You-Go Wearables.

*Bluetooth 4.0 can only communicate in its near proximity (maximum 30-40 metres)

**NFC, near field communication (similar to RFID), communicates in very close proximity (1-2 centimetres)

Cards & Payments

Aura Pay accepts cards and payments from Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, AliPay and Bitcoin.

Cards and Payments small size

Cards & Payments accepted by Aura Pay

POS Devices & Countries of use

Aura Pay is compatible with over 1200 Android (4.4 and above) based Smartphone and Tablet devices which have NFC functionality (see list). It is available currently in 25 countries: Australia,  Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Countries Aura Pay

Countries where Aura Pay is available.


If you as a Merchant want to use Aura Pay you need to register as a user (see below) in order to download it: 

 Or it can be downloaded directly from Google Play.

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